I made these retro paper onions out of maps as a gift last year for my nan. Like the previous DIYs, these are fairly easy to make. You can find all kinds of cool paper at craft stores with coordinating ribbon that will make beautiful Christmas onions. Give them as a single ornament or a … Read more


  My mom makes these every year for my aunts and uncles for Christmas, and each one is so unique and beautiful. You can create this project for as little or as much as you want; adding flowers will cost you more, while using greenery cut from the woods and left over decorations will cost … Read more


I saw these on Pinterest (again) and thought they would make excellent DIY gifts! They’re inexpensive, fun to use and great for friends and family who love to entertain. Supplies – Square ceramic tiles – Sandpaper – Spray primer – Chalkboard spray paint – Cork or felt – Hot glue gun – Chalk – Ribbon … Read more


Last year I was struggling to find cute DIY Christmas gifts when I came across this DIY on birch log napkin rings! I made these for my parents and a close friend. They were fairly easy to make and ADORABLE on the table. The hardest thing was finding a birch log large enough to put … Read more


My parents always do a great job on decorating the front of their house for Christmas. Since Mom’s “Martha” side has rubbed off on me, I wanted to make sure our house looked festive from the outside too, so we decided to make a winter planter for the front step. I wanted some birch logs … Read more


My mom has this cute light up frame that says “Merry Christmas” in frosted type. It’s adorable, but it’s far to traditional for me. When I found this wooden “Merry” at Michaels for $1.50 I thought it would be neat to make a modern version of Mom’s sign. I found a white shadow box at Michaels … Read more


This wreath takes a bit of time, but it’s worth it! I love the look. It’s so full and chunky and costs less than $25. If you have extra decorations lying around, you could probably do this project for free. I chose all silver and grey shatter proof balls for my wreath, which I bought at … Read more


It’s December 1st! Christmas is coming and I am so excited! If you are like us and are trying to do Christmas without breaking the bank, then this upcoming series might help you get a few ideas. Over the next 12 days we will be posting 12 how-to’s for DIY Christmas decorations, gifts and treats! We … Read more

Slat wall 5

Becki and I decided early on we wanted a feature wall in our living room. Since the living room was also doubling as home to our entertainment center, we figured we could make it a media wall for the TV. What started with the idea of simply painting the wall an accent color, evolved to patterned wallpaper and then … Read more

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A year and a half later and the bedroom is complete! Finally! We went through multiple stages with this space. When we first moved in, we were sleeping on an air mattress for four months while we focused on renovating other areas of the house. Since getting rid of the stucco meant lots of mess, we … Read more