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We get a lot of people asking: “How much of your house is done? What do you have left?” For some reason it makes me think of this video. Don’t ask. Anyway, it’s hard to give an exact answer to those questions because we have a bunch of rooms that are only missing small things … Read more


Two years ago if you walked up to our house it would have been evident that old people lived there (no offence if you’re reading this, former owners). White, turquoise and rust red were the colours used on the exterior of the house. Now normally I am a fan of turquoise, but in this case … Read more


Here in Newfoundland our summers are short and not the warmest. Having an outdoor living space is amazing for those two or three good months, but is it worth spending all the money on a space when it’s not useable for most of the year? Outdoor heaters, fire pits and fireplaces extend the use of outdoor spaces … Read more


My parents always do a great job on decorating the front of their house for Christmas. Since Mom’s “Martha” side has rubbed off on me, I wanted to make sure our house looked festive from the outside too, so we decided to make a winter planter for the front step. I wanted some birch logs … Read more

Bathroom or Deck

June 27th, 2012 | Posted by Becki Peckham in Bathroom | Home Renovation | Outside - (0 Comments)
Deck Or Bathroom

Which to renovate first, bathroom or deck? Both are equally terrible. A few months ago Chris and I decided this summer we would concentrate on re-doing our back yard. We had plans to build a new deck and shed, plant a garden and create a nice outdoor space to hang out in. That was until … Read more