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We get a lot of people asking: “How much of your house is done? What do you have left?” For some reason it makes me think of this video. Don’t ask. Anyway, it’s hard to give an exact answer to those questions because we have a bunch of rooms that are only missing small things … Read more

Before After

We have been living in the house for just over a year and we finally have the kitchen totally finished. We started tearing it out the first day we moved in, and 6 months later we had a fully functional kitchen just in time for Christmas. It’s taken us an additional 6 months, however, to … Read more


If you have been following along you might already know that we removed the wall between the dinning room and the kitchen to create a more open space. The problem was, the kitchen had a cheap linoleum floor, while the dining room side was a natural clear coat 2.25″ birch (see the above “before” picture), … Read more


After we figured out how we wanted the kitchen to look, we started the planning phase. Given that this was our first renovation project, my uncle Jeff (owner of Finegrain Woodworking) agreed to help us out with the cabinet construction and give us guidance along the way. We decided on high gloss white cabinet doors … Read more

Kitchen Mood Board

When we realized that switching out the cupboard doors and painting the existing cabinets in the kitchen wasn’t going to give us the look we wanted, we started doing some research on kitchen designs we really liked. I collected a number of images and created a mood board to help me visualize what we were … Read more