Since I am self employed, having my own office is a must. A huge bonus in this house was having the office on the main level, away from the living area, which provides somewhat of a healthy work/life separation. Additionally, I don’t have to drag my clients through our entire home when they stop by. Below … Read more


As a radiology resident, I spend a large amount of my time outside of work studying. We planned from the beginning to convert one of the three bedrooms into an office so I would have my own place to work (the other bedroom was turned into a “getting ready room”). It’s been a long process, … Read more

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A year and a half later and the bedroom is complete! Finally! We went through multiple stages with this space. When we first moved in, we were sleeping on an air mattress for four months while we focused on renovating other areas of the house. Since getting rid of the stucco meant lots of mess, we … Read more

My Disaster DIY

October 1st, 2012 | Posted by Becki Peckham in Before | Home Renovation - (0 Comments)
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My confession: I have a HUGE crush on Bryan Bauemler. I watch his shows all the time and wish so bad that he would come and finish our house. One of my favorite shows is Disaster DIY. Before starting our own renovation, I used to watch it and wonder how one room in someone’s house … Read more


After we figured out how we wanted the kitchen to look, we started the planning phase. Given that this was our first renovation project, my uncle Jeff (owner of Finegrain Woodworking) agreed to help us out with the cabinet construction and give us guidance along the way. We decided on high gloss white cabinet doors … Read more


The day we received the keys to our house I REALLY wanted to sleep there the first night. The previous owners didn’t give us any info on their alarm system and being newbies, we forgot to ask about it. Chris’s mom came over to see the house and on her way out she ended up … Read more