Slat wall 5

Becki and I decided early on we wanted a feature wall in our living room. Since the living room was also doubling as home to our entertainment center, we figured we could make it a media wall for the TV. What started with the idea of simply painting the wall an accent color, evolved to patterned wallpaper and then … Read more

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A year and a half later and the bedroom is complete! Finally! We went through multiple stages with this space. When we first moved in, we were sleeping on an air mattress for four months while we focused on renovating other areas of the house. Since getting rid of the stucco meant lots of mess, we … Read more

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We have been living in the house for just over a year and we finally have the kitchen totally finished. We started tearing it out the first day we moved in, and 6 months later we had a fully functional kitchen just in time for Christmas. It’s taken us an additional 6 months, however, to … Read more

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Finally!!! Some before and after pictures for you to look at. Sorry for the wait folks, they should start flowing now. Above is the “before” picture of the bathroom as we saw it when we were first viewing the property. This bathroom is on the main level, just as you enter the house. We wanted … Read more

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This awesome desk belonged to my pop who unfortunately passed away about 3 years ago. My nan was moving and getting rid of a lot of old furniture, so myself and Chris decided to take the desk off her hands. My pop used this desk when he was practicing medicine and it followed him through … Read more


After we figured out how we wanted the kitchen to look, we started the planning phase. Given that this was our first renovation project, my uncle Jeff (owner of Finegrain Woodworking) agreed to help us out with the cabinet construction and give us guidance along the way. We decided on high gloss white cabinet doors … Read more