DIY 12: 3D Trees

December 12th, 2013 | Posted by Becki Peckham in 12 DIY's Of Christmas | DIY | Holidays/Seasons

Ok, so I had big plans for this project but I ran out of time. My plan was to make these trees ranging from 6  to 4 feet high, ditch the table and use foam core and plywood. Unfortunately, time (and stock at Michael’s) were not on my side. So I decided to make a mini version of the vision I had. I still need to hang a few things in the last picture, but you catch my drift.

To make these 3D trees you will need:
A cutting matt or something to protect your floor or table from the knife
An exacto knife/blade
Metal ruler
Foam core

I picked up some sheets of foam core at Michael’s and I had the rest at the house. Like I mentioned above, my plan was to make these out of the large 4′ sheets of foam core, but they didn’t have any in stock so I was stuck with these small sheets.

Decide how wide you want the base of your tree. I started with a base of 8 inches and used the height of the full sheet. Measure 8 inches from one edge of the foam core across the bottom of the foam core sheet and make a small mark. At the top, measure 4 inches and make a small mark, this will be the point of your triangle. Line your ruler up with the marks and cut the line with an exacto knife. The trick to cutting foam core is a sharp blade. You may need to pass over the line twice to make it all the way through. Cut the other side to form a nice triangle. Repeat this process once more to make a second triangle.


Once you have your triangles cut, you need to make slits in each of them so they can fit together. Take the first triangle and mark the centre. Measuring up from this 10″ and make a straight line. Measure the thickness of your foam core and transfer it to the triangle over the line you drew.


Cut the sliver out of the triangle. Place the cut triangle on top of the uncut triangle and mark the top of the notch you just cut. This will be the bottom of your next cut. Again, cut a notch that’s the thickness of your foam core, but this time cut the top of the tree, towards the point of the triangle.


Once the cuts are finished your pieces should look like this:


Fit the two pieces together and you have a 3D tree that’s easy to take apart and store. I put mine in an arrangement along with some cone trees I made last year.


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