DIY 10: Infinity Scarf

December 10th, 2013 | Posted by Becki Peckham in 12 DIY's Of Christmas | DIY | Holidays/Seasons

Infinity scarves have increased in popularity over the last few years. If you can sew a straight line, you can make your own scarf!

You will need approximately 1.5 linear meters of fabric for a scarf that wraps around your neck twice. If you want it to wrap around three times you may want to get a full 2 meters. The width of the scarf is up to you, along with the fabric you choose. In the past, I have used the full width that came off the roll of fabric but if it’s a thick fabric, you might want to make the width smaller so it’s not so bulky. You can test it by wrapping the fabric around your neck. Too thick? cut it in half. Today I made a scarf out of a thinner material; I wanted this scarf to be more of an indoor scarf so I cut the fabric in half width wise.


Lay your fabric out on your floor (or table if its large enough) and decide how thick you want your finished scarf and double that width. You will be folding the fabric in half.


Once I had it cut I then folded the material in half, good sides facing in.


Next you are going to sew a straight line down the long side of the folded material were the edges meet. You can pin your fabric together if you find it easier to sew.

Once you are finished you will have a long tube of material (open on both ends). Turn it right side facing out and lay the scarf out on the table or floor with the seam facing up. The next step is impossible for me to explain with out showing you, so I found this video on YouTube that demonstrates.IMG_3203IMG_3204

Turn your fabric right side out. At the seam you will have about a two inch gap you need to sew up. You can do this by hand for a neater look, but I use the machine with a similar colour thread so it’s not so noticeable. The seam will be behind the neck so you won’t see it anyway.


At the end you will have a large circle of fabric. Wrap it around your neck twice or tie it around like a normal scarf. You can also use these as a hood if the width is thick enough to cover your head.

IMG_3217  IMG_3220 IMG_3224

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