DIY 06: Fresh Wreath

December 6th, 2013 | Posted by Becki Peckham in 12 DIY's Of Christmas | Holidays/Seasons

My door was looking really bare all winter as I never got the chance to make a fresh green wreath last christmas. To make your own wreath, you can use any greenery you want. I used cedar, but I have also added some pictures of a few wreaths my mother made where she used a mix of spruce, pine and cedar.

The materials you will need are:

A metal wreath form (you can also use a twig wreath depending on the look you want, a few pics below)
Green floral wire
Wire snips
Branch clippers
Any accessories you want to add like pinecones, ribbon, feathers etc.

I ordered my cedar from a local nursery. For my wreath I used about 1.5 bundles of greenery but you may need more depending on the size of your form. If you live near a forest you can snip the boughs yourself.

Start with the form on the table. Cut three pieces of greenery to start. Bundle them together and wire them on to the form. Be sure to wrap the wire a few times around the greenery and the form, pulling it tightly so the cedar won’t fall out. Repeat this but move your wire down from the edge of the previous wired on bundle. The fluffy part of the cedar should cover up the ends and the wire. I used 3 pieces at a time so the thickness didn’t get too out of control.IMG_2626IMG_2629IMG_2643IMG_2630

Work your way around the whole wreath lifting it up off the table as you go to insure the sides are even (it doesn’t have to be perfect). If you’re adding in berries, you can wire them in with your greens every so often.IMG_2633IMG_2635

My cedar came with little pinecone buds on it, so I saved a few pieces to disperse throughout the wreath.


Once you’re done, lift it up and check for bare spots around the edges. You can go back and wire more greenery around the sides to fill the gaps. I turned mine over and wired a few pieces to the back/side where there were some obvious gaps.


There you have it, a fresh cedar wreath! I love the light, airy feel of the cedar boughs.



If you are mixing your greens, continue to use bundles of three pieces of greenery but switch it up every bundle. If you are using spruce, use the end of the bough.IMG_2636IMG_2640

For a more rustic wreath, you can use a twig wreath which you can pick up at a craft store. Here, my mom used a little cedar and spruce and wired it to the wreath using the floral wire from above. Once the greenery is on you can wire on some bulbs and pinecones.


Anyone else make their own wreaths? If so, post a pic in the comments below, tweet us at @theuncommonlaw or post a photo on our Facebook page.


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