DIY 05: Painted Vase

December 5th, 2013 | Posted by Becki Peckham in 12 DIY's Of Christmas | Holidays/Seasons

I don’t know about you, but I have a large number of clear vases around. I saw this while hunting pinterest one day and I thought I would give it a try. You can give any old vase a new look with a lick of paint.

Once you find your vase, wash it out and let it completely dry. Squirt a bit of paint on the inside of the vase and brush it up the sides. I used Martha Stewart paint from Michael’s in satin “Lake Fog”. Painting the inside gives you a nice high gloss look on the outside. Let it dry for the recommended time on the package and do another coat. Keep coating the inside until you are no longer able to see light shine through. IMG_9153IMG_9155IMG_9157

I liked the way the grey looked on its own, however, as mentioned in my last post, I wanted to add a little more gold to my christmas decor. Being on a “dipped” kick, I decided to tape off my vase and paint the bottom gold using the same paint from the pine cones.

I did about 3 coats of gold, until the brush strokes weren’t as noticable. This time I painted on the outside because I wanted a different finish. I used duck tape on my glass because I couldn’t find my painters tape. I recommend using the painters tape though because the duck tape gave me a thick edge to my paint which I had to chip off with my fingernail.


Once your vase is dry, strip off the tape and fill it with some greenery. The paint recommends curing for 20 or so days so I would do that before filling it with water.


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