10 Inspiring Accent Walls

January 18th, 2013 | Posted by Becki Peckham in Mood Board's & Inspiration

Accent walls are a deadly way to add interest to a room. The simplest way to create an accent wall is to paint one wall in the room a contrasting color. Paint is the easiest and most cost effective way to make a drastic, non permanent change. Although slightly more effort, beautiful wall paper can also add an interesting pop of pattern or texture to a space. Finally, building materials such as wood, stone, brick or tile can be used to create a more permanent (and dramatic) statement in a room. We created a wood Slat Wall feature for our living room’s media wall to add both interest and warmth to the space (below).

IMG_0884 edit

Things can go sour quickly if you are not careful. Make sure the colour or pattern co-ordinates with your room. A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t wear it, it’s probably not a good choice for the wall. On this note, designing a space is easier if you think of it like dressing yourself. Check out this link about using men’s wear as inspiration for a man cave. With permanent materials, the same goes. Make sure the colours, tones and shapes work with the space. It’s a good idea to have a sample of the material around the house so you can look at it everyday (especially if you are working with stone or tiles). Make sure it works during different stages of light throughout the day. If you still like it after a few weeks then giv’er!

I have compiled a little list of some inspiring accent walls that I thought were rad. You can get more inspiration on Houzz and on Pinterest.

1. Black and White
I love the look of crisp white walls with a hit of black or charcoal on one wall. I love it so much in fact, that I did it in my home office (before and after coming soon). The zebra rug, dark floor and fur blanket here make this living room extremely cosy. I want to curl up on that couch and watch a bit of Dexter.

2. Bold Chevrons
I love chevrons and turquoise. I have turquoise and white chevron print pillows in my living room, maybe that’s why I was so drawn to this image.  The large pattern on the wall works well with the smaller striped patterned rug on the floor. Kind of like pairing a patterned shirt with a patterned tie – keep the patterns a different size. If you have the patience you can paint these on your wall however thick you like!

3. Subtle Chevrons
The subtle grey on white chevron pattern works amazing here. Paired with long white curtains, warm wood and golden tones, this combo is DELICIOUS. The nice thing about this space is that the wall adds interest but is not distracting from the rest of the space as it blends in seamlessly.

4. Pop Of Color
Hot pink is one of those colours I love but never use. The pink looks so intense against the white bathroom and I enjoy that they painted the ceiling and the back of the door the same colour. This might be too much for some people but hey, it’s only paint!

5. Graphic Mural
There is something about multiple leg sea creatures that I freaking LOVE. I would put this in my house in a second. It reminds me of an oversized woodblock print or screen print, absolutely beautiful.

6. Marble and Granite
I saw this kitchen in a Style At Home magazine and instantly fell in love. The herringbone backsplash, that continues all the way up the wall, right next to a massive floor to ceiling marble fireplace surround looks like art.

7. Chalkboard Wall
This would be amazing in a kid’s bedroom or playroom. You could also do this in the kitchen for writing down notes and recipes. Having a dinner party? Write the menu right on the wall for your guests to see.

8. Wood Plank Wall
I’ll be using this image as inspiration for our basement studio. Reclaimed barn board or wood planks make for awesome feature walls. If you don’t mind seeing nails, you can nail them directly to the studs making this a fairly easy project if you can find the right wood.

9. Textured Wallpaper
Textured wallpaper can be really interesting on just one wall or, if it’s low key enough, you could cover a whole room. The dark navy sea grass wallpaper contrasted by the white wall and dark floors makes this space feel cosy and masculine. Who says a man cave needs to be covered in tacky posters and overstuffed furniture?

10. Oversized Art
Black and white floral wall paper, what a great alternative to your standard piece of art. Filling a wall this large with art would be a challenge; this wallpaper definitely does the trick. I love the idea of something like this for a creative workspace or art studio. Stunning.

If you are looking for more inspiration, follow our accent wall board on Pinterest. If you have a feature wall in your home, share it with us and we will post it on our facebook and twitter pages!

Thanks for reading
- Becki

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