DIY 08: Retro Paper Onions

December 12th, 2012 | Posted by Becki Peckham in 12 DIY's Of Christmas | DIY | Holidays/Seasons | Home Renovation

I made these retro paper onions out of maps as a gift last year for my nan. Like the previous DIYs, these are fairly easy to make. You can find all kinds of cool paper at craft stores with coordinating ribbon that will make beautiful Christmas onions. Give them as a single ornament or a set.

- X-acto knife
- Cutting matt
- Ruler
- Map or craft paper
- Small grommet kit (from Walmart)
- Hammer

Step 1: Cutting
Decide on how long you want your onion to be. Mine were about 4″ high and about 1″ thick. Using your X-acto knife and ruler as a guide, cut a strip of paper 4″ long by 1″ wide. Cut 2 strips about 5.5″ long, and two more strips at 7″ long. You can make the strips as big or as small as you want, keeping in mind the bigger the strips, the wider the onion will be. Each set of strips should be 1.5″-3″ longer than the next set. You can also use more than five strips; the map onions I made for my nan used seven.

Step 2: Clip
Align the tops of all your strips in order, with the smallest strip in the middle. Hold them in place with a clip.

Step 3: Hole
The grommet pack should come with tools for putting in the grommet, one for the hole and the other for flattening out the back of the grommet so it locks in place. Put the grommet through the hole and hammer the back according to the instructions. The top of your onion should now be attached.

Step 4: Bottom
Line up the uneven ends and clip in place, being careful not to crease the paper. The outer strips will buckle out, forming the onion shape. Apply a grommet, as per the last step.

Step 5: Ribbon
Attach a cute ribbon through one of the grommets for hanging.

Happy Holidays!

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