DIY 07: Fresh Floral Arrangement

December 9th, 2012 | Posted by Becki Peckham in 12 DIY's Of Christmas | DIY | Holidays/Seasons | Home Renovation


My mom makes these every year for my aunts and uncles for Christmas, and each one is so unique and beautiful. You can create this project for as little or as much as you want; adding flowers will cost you more, while using greenery cut from the woods and left over decorations will cost you next to nothing.

- Vase or pot
- Oasis
- Flower food
- Greenery (we used spruce, cedar and pine left from our planter)
- Fresh flowers (optional)
- Wood picks (from Michaels)
- Ornaments, tea light holders, pine cones, spikes, coloured sticks – what ever you want to feature in your arrangement to make it interesting.

Step 1: Conditioning 
If you are using fresh flowers you need to condition them before putting them in the arrangement. Fill a vase with water and flower food. Remove any leaves from the stems that will be in the water. Cut the stems at an angle and put them in a vase a few hours before using them. This allows the flowers to soak up some water before you place them in your arrangement.

Step 2: Soaking
Fill up your sink with water and add some flower food to it. Submerge your oasis in the water so it covers all sides. Let it soak for an hour or two.

Step 3: Prep vase
Once the oasis is ready, cut it so it fits snuggly inside the vase. Leave it sticking up out of the vase about 1-2 inches. Fill the vase with water.

Step 4: Spikes and Candles
If you are putting in any spikes or tea light candle holders, place them in first so you can work around them. We purchased our spikes from the Flower Studio.

Step 5: Cut Branches
The first branches placed will determine how wide your arrangement will be. We made the base with pine and cut each piece about 6-8 inches long. Before placing the branches into your arrangement, make sure you cut the stems on an angle.

Step 6: Fill
Using a layering technique to fill in the arrangement, try and maintain its shape so it’s even on all sides. Keep turning your pot as you fill it in. At this point you can start adding the spruce and cedar. Make sure you can not see the oasis once you are finished.

Step 7: Decoration
Once you have all the greenery in and you can no longer see the oasis, you can start to add some decoration. We added glass bulbs, pine cones and some curly lime green sticks I picked up at Winners. We attached the bulbs and pine cones to the wood picks to keep them in place and filled in empty parts with the curly sticks.

Step 8: Gaps
Take a step back from your arrangement and, in good light, look at all sides of the arrangement to make sure there are no gaps or empty parts.

Get creative; your arrangement can be any shape you want! We opted for a slightly off centre look. You can also use different greenery for a completely different feel:

- Holly

- Boxwood (this looks beautiful, boxwood is one of my favourite shrubs)

- Hicks Yew

- Magnolia Leaves (you can get these from your florist unless they grow in your area)






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