Before After

We have been living in the house for just over a year and we finally have the kitchen totally finished. We started tearing it out the first day we moved in, and 6 months later we had a fully functional kitchen just in time for Christmas. It’s taken us an additional 6 months, however, to … Read more

Before After

Finally!!! Some before and after pictures for you to look at. Sorry for the wait folks, they should start flowing now. Above is the “before” picture of the bathroom as we saw it when we were first viewing the property. This bathroom is on the main level, just as you enter the house. We wanted … Read more

Guest Moodboard

After months of using the guest bathroom as a storage room, we finally decided it was time to renovate. We wanted to create something really moody. The inspiration here would be a dramatic, high end hotel lobby or restaurant bathroom. When brainstorming for the space, I thought back to a cool bathroom I was in … Read more