CWTS Competition 2014 Recap

April 16th, 2014 | Posted by Becki Peckham in DIY - (14 Comments)

Holy SHIT! Holy shit…. ok, so if you have been following along you know we have been competing in the Creating With The Stars DIY contest hosted by East Coast Creative. Results for the final round went up this morning and, with only 3% between first and second place, we won! I just want to clarify … Read more


Still not sure what the Creating With the Stars competition is? This post should give you a quick overview. But if you have been following us along, you’ll recall we placed third out of 12 in round 1 (knockoff theme) and second out of nine in round two (paint theme), earning us one of the six spots … Read more

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If you have been following us along in the Creating With the Stars competition, you’ll know that we placed third in round 1 and were one of nine to advance to round 2 (for an explanation of the contest, see here). Well voting closed for round 2 and we got second place (and are one … Read more

Round One CWTS Results

March 26th, 2014 | Posted by Becki Peckham in DIY - (9 Comments)

For anyone just tuning in now, last week our X-ray view boxes were chosen as one of the top 12 projects out of 299 entries, which bought us a spot in the Creating With the Stars (CWTS) competition. The first round’s theme was create a DIY knockoff. Round 1 voting closed last night and the results were posted this … Read more

So We Were Chosen To Compete…

March 17th, 2014 | Posted by Becki Peckham in DIY - (14 Comments)

A few days ago we came across a DIY competition called “Creating With the Stars“, hosted by East Coast Creative Blog. Not really familiar with it, we checked their site for details. The competition in a nut shell: You first submit your best project from the 2013-2014 year and a panel chooses the top 12 projects … Read more


We always try to inject a bit of our own lives and personality into the house. A prime example is the art for the living room. With the back wall spanning over 15 feet, we wanted something unique that really made a statement. Inspired by our own professions (radiology resident and photographer), we decided to create … Read more

Christmas Tour 2013

December 23rd, 2013 | Posted by Becki Peckham in Holidays/Seasons - (2 Comments)

Chris and I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy New Year. We thought we would share a few photos of our house done up for the holidays! We decided on a black, white, silver and gold theme this year. Enjoy!           


Ok, so I had big plans for this project but I ran out of time. My plan was to make these trees ranging from 6  to 4 feet high, ditch the table and use foam core and plywood. Unfortunately, time (and stock at Michael’s) were not on my side. So I decided to make a … Read more


Here is a really fun recipe for the holidays. Peanut butter cookies that look like buttons! You can whip these up in no time and they are delicious. You can use your favourite peanut butter cookie recipe or you can use this recipe that I used (with smooth peanut butter). The extra things you will need … Read more


Infinity scarves have increased in popularity over the last few years. If you can sew a straight line, you can make your own scarf! You will need approximately 1.5 linear meters of fabric for a scarf that wraps around your neck twice. If you want it to wrap around three times you may want to … Read more